School of Film, Television, & Theater Course Unofficial Evaluation Samples (Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation - The University of Arizona)  

"Angela was always enthusiastic and kept the class engaged even when the material was rather boring. She did a fantastic job with this section. Best TA ever!"

"Angela was very helpful when we had questions, and she made sure that we clearly understood the material. Angela was very organized and made sure we knew the important material very well. She made participation easy and helpful."

"Great class and great discussion with a great TA. Angela was an amazing TA. So helpful, understanding and kind. By far the best TA of this semester. I'm going to miss her discussion."

"Angela always sets aside time in discussion to help with essay prompts, discussion posts, and test questions. She's incredibly flexible which makes the class a lot easier to handle. Excellent at communicating with us."

"You're the best TA I've met in UA, really helped me a lot. Thanks so much!" 

"She was very sweet and taught well. I felt that she knew what she was doing. It was very interactive and everyone participated in discussions."

Private Instruction

My two boys, ages 8 and 10, had the opportunity to study with Angela this year.  Angela was amazing!  The boys loved her and actually looked forward to their lesson days each week! She has the unique ability of balancing fun and focus all while demanding a high caliber of concentration from her students.  My two boys flourished while under her tutelage. Thank you, Angela!

-Loree Stringer