Award-winning pianist Dr. Angela O. Koval (née Owyang) received her Doctor of Musical Arts degree with an emphasis in piano performance from the  University of Arizona. Alongside her D.M.A., Angela completed a double minor in Media and Theater Arts. Her dissertation, entitled "The Influence of Cinematic Elements in Pierre Jodlowski's Works Based on Colour," provides a multidisciplinary analysis of a 21st century piano series by French composer Pierre Jodlowski. The document was defended in December 2013, one month before the completion of her doctoral degree. 

Angela's original tracks are featured on her YouTube Channel. Prior to teaching, performing, and her work in educational administration, Angela was a freelance artist and amateur web designer. During her high school years, her artwork was featured in various local establishments. Angela occasionally creates art during her free time; her DeviantArt account features a small collection of her work. 

Computer Science 

Angela's passion for technology led to the recent decision to work towards a new career path in software engineering. She is currently a returning student, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Oregon State University. Please visit Angela's coursework page for completed coursework and GitHub account to view her current programming projects.