In the San Francisco Bay Area, I grew up in a world of cultural diversity, academic curiosity, and inspiration from great thinkers, artists, and visionaries. I began my career in 2003 as a private piano instructor in the Bay Area. After years of training in piano pedagogy, my interests in teaching began to shift to other areas. At San Francisco State University, my experience as a graduate teaching assistant for courses in rock music history gave me the opportunity to delve outside of piano. At the  University of Arizona, I was employed as a graduate teaching assistant to lead discussions as well as large lecture sessions on courses in film, television, and theater history. These experiences in interdisciplinary teaching have led me towards a deeper understanding on the relationships between all subject areas in the fine/performing arts. I have also been the main lecturer and organizer for various media arts presentations including the history of music in horror films and film noir under the guidance of  Dr. Mary Beth Haralovich, professor emerita and film/television historian of UA. The compilation of my student evaluations for courses at the University of Arizona have demonstrated positive results. After my time at UA, I became a teaching artist for the Opening Minds through the Arts program at Tucson Unified School District. For OMA, my curriculum/lesson plans dealt with Arizona English Language Arts (ELA) Standards as well as language acquisition through music on the K-12 level. 

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   Thank you cards for "Dr. Angela," or "Dr. A" from TUSD-OMA students (2016)