My time in higher education has led me towards many subjects of study, extracurricular activities, and performance opportunities. All of my coursework has provided me with a wide breadth of knowledge and paved the foundation to my career goals as well as my future research. 

My dissertation for my DMA, entitled "The Influence of Cinematic Elements in Pierre Jodlowski's Works Based on Colour," was inspired by a strong interest in the German Expressionist Cinematography and Hollywood Film Noir. My doctoral advisor John Milbauer, who had performed Série Noire in the Seventh Orleans Concours International (O.C.I.) as semifinalist, suggested this work as a possible starting point for multidisciplinary fine arts research. Série Noire was presented as a " a multi fictional space where characters, heroes of different films would meet and exchange," featuring audio clips from thrillers and dark films. My desire to analyze how Série Noire functioned as a musical depiction of "mise-en-scène" led to further research on diegetic/non-diegetic sound in film. After an interview with Jodlowski, I discovered that he intended to create an entire "series cycle" of piano Works Based on Colour featuring audio from films, including Série Blanche and Série Rose. Jodlowski has continued his Works Based on Colour with Série Bleue, a piece "directly inspired by my personal encounter with the blue monochromatic paintings from Yves Klein."

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