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A post-piano recital photo during my childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area (1996)

My Story 

My first piano recital happened on the stage of Kofman Auditorium at Alameda High. This experience confirmed my love for the piano and led to the beginning of a lifelong passion. At San Francisco State University, I had the honor of taking classes and performing with some of the finest musicians in the country. I also had the chance to polish my skills in piano pedagogy via student-teaching and master classes. My greatest challenge in piano performance was the size of my hands, which led to years of experimenting with various methods. With the guidance of many amazing professors at CSUEB, SFSU, and UA, I was able to apply certain physical and motor techniques to ensure a consistent level of technical prowess and musical caliber.

In my musical career, I have connected with many amazing artists on a professional and personal basis. My performances have given me the opportunity to present a wide range of repertoire; I have performed as a solo and collaborative pianist, an accompanist, a vocalist, and a piano teacher in a private and classroom setting. My experiences as a pianist have also led me towards the extended use of piano, technological implementation, theatrical devices, and other keyboard instruments. I have also collaborated with the University Filmmakers Organization at UA as a film scorer/performer. I've been lucky to have many supportive friends, family, and technicians who have provided me with support and  multimedia of my performances. 

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